Having a Second Child After PPD

I have always wanted a second child, but my immediate postpartum period with my daughter was traumatic. How do you decide to have another baby after having postpartum depression?

No Longer Liquid Gold: Why I Quit Breastfeeding

Breastmilk is often called “liquid gold.” And I wanted to provide that liquid gold to my baby, to give her the best start possible in life. But I learned that when breastfeeding starts affecting your mental health, it’s no longer liquid gold.

The Worst Fear

When my daughter was a newborn and COVID was brand new, my worst fear was her catching it and ending up in the hospital. I had to face that fear recently, but it wasn’t COVID that put us there.

Parenting a High Needs Baby

All babies are hard, there’s no denying that. They are entirely dependent on their parents for everything and all of their basic needs, and they don’t sleep through the night for a while. But what’s it like to parent a baby who just seems like so much MORE than everyone else?

Postpartum Depression Looks Like Me

I didn’t think that I could have PPD, because I thought that I had prepared and done everything I could to be ready for the arrival of my daughter. PPD doesn’t discriminate, and I am part of the 1 in 7 moms that experience a perinatal mood and anxiety disorder.

I’m a Mom of a Toddler During a Global Pandemic. I’m Not Okay.

My entire parenthood journey has taken place during a global pandemic. My daughter has never been in a store or a restaurant, and at times it feels like the rest of the world has moved on while leaving behind parents of children too young to be vaccinated. I’m a mom to a toddler during a global pandemic, and I am not okay.

Parenting as a Highly-Sensitive Person

Parenting can feel overwhelming and intense for pretty much all parents. As a Highly Sensitive Person, however, sometimes it seems like I’m dealing with entirely different level of overwhelm.

The Darkness Isn’t Only in Your Head: Stigma & Shame

Survivors of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders not only deal with intrusive thoughts, depressive episodes, and intense anxiety; they also feel shame and guilt due to the stigma surrounding mental health complications after welcoming a new baby.

Grief in Motherhood

There were a lot of things I didn’t expect about motherhood, but the most shocking thing was grief.

Never-Ending Cry: Coping with Colic

One of the hardest things I have experienced as a mom was my daughter’s colic, which started around the time of lockdown when we could no longer call on our support network for help or a break.